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1 minute
looped video; 20 min duration; 4K resolution; sound; 2021.(exerpt).

Around 800 people were invited to estimate the subjective duration of 1 minute in front of a microphone in the framework of a project between Neuroscience and Art.
The instructions were simple: say “beep” into the microphone to start, wait what you consider to be a minute, and finish by saying “beep” into the microphone again.
The perception of the duration of 1 minute of time depends on many psychological variables associated with the age of the person estimating it and the environment.
Since this study emerged a series of digitally animated videos and installations that address the perceived durability of time.

Inspired by John Cage's compositions where silence was delimited by sound events; in this case; the silences are due to the perception overlap of 1 minute duration for many people.

In Chinese; two characters 朝露 (Zhāo Lù) define the ephemeral. Zhāo Lù refers to "morning dew" and in this metaphorical way, also means the "ephemeral brevity of human life".
The contrast of scales between the short time of a natural event and the disturbing extension of our lives.
After a minute, the people are blown away by a wind that vanishes them into pixels. The ephemeral duration of life and the circumstantial constitution of being were the source of inspiration for these videos.

“1 Minute".
by Mariano Sardón in collaoration with Mariano Sigman.

Exhibited at Ruth Benzacar Gallery, Buenos Aires. 2021

Supported by Participación Cultural - Mecenazgo - Ministerio de Cultura GCBA.

General Coordination:
Germán Ito.

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Lucia Carvallo

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