mariano sardón

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Books of Sand is and interactive installation that relates the movement of hands in the sand to hypertexts containing Jorge Luis Borges texts taken from the Web by a parser program in real time.

"Books of Sand".
by Mariano Sardón.
Technological collaboration: Laurence Bender.
2003 - 2004.

About the work / Text by Guillermo Martinez

CCK. Buenos Aires. 2016.
Mueum of Contemporary Art of Mar del Plata. 2014.
Museo Lazaro Galdiano. Madrid, 2014.
Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery New York. 2013 and 2007.
Museum of the University of South Florida. 2012.
11nd The Havana Biennial. 2012.
Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires. MAMbA. 2012.
Museu da Imagem e du Som Sao Paulo Brazil, 2011.
Centro Cultural Recoleta. Buenos Aires, 2011.
Akademie del Künste Berlin. 2010.
Banco do Brazil Cultural Center Sao Paulo. 2009.
Banco do Brazil Cutural Center. Rio de Janeiro. 2009.
Gebert Contemporary Art Gallery. 2008.
Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery New York. 2007.
ACM 2006. University California Santa Barbara.
Daum Museum of Contemporary Art. Kansas, 2006.
Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires. MAMbA. 2004.

Special Thanks:
Mario Pergolini.
Asociación de Amigos del Museo de Arte Moderno.
Laura Buccellato.
photo: © Gabriela Rojas