mariano sardón

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Tanks connected to inflatables exert mutual pressure. The introduced air by the tanks is due to spoken words. Voices come from barely audible airy dialogue. They blow each other without voice. They are pressed with automatic puffs of air. An impossible dialogue, nevertheless, with the illusion of mutual understanding.

“Dialogues in the Air".
by Mariano Sardón.

Adaptation of the texts in collaboration with Catalina Motto.
Texts are an adaptation of the Pablo Bellocchio ‘s play, “Dos, Una Desconexión”.
Voices: Malena López and Catalina Motto.

Project coordinator:
Germán Ito.

Looped sound. Inflatables, tanks, sound system and air control, construction props, customized electronics.
Variable dimensions. 2021.

Exhibited at Ruth Benzacar Gallery, Buenos Aires. 2021.

Supported by Participación Cultural - Mecenazgo - Ministerio de Cultura GCBA.