mariano sardón

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Phase Changes is an installation in which a set of perceptual and natural phenomena interrelated in an architectural space is staged.
The installation establishes a relationship between the viewer and substance, space, sound, time and color, in their real and symbolic physical dimension, connecting them to an elementary and primitive moment of perception.

In Phase Changes there are colored liquids that circulate through closed circuits of transparent tubes that intersect at the different levels of room 1 of the General San Martín Cultural Center.
The tube circuit allows dripping at different rates of colored liquids that fall on hot plates that evaporate them instantly, generating chaotic sound patterns of sounds of drops evaporation.
The winding of the pipes that carry the colored liquid develops through the gaps and interstices that the space of the gallery possesses. In this sense, it is a game that slips through the clefts of the architectural language of space, just as the installation inhabits the intersection of art and science.

"Phase Changes".
by: Mariano Sardón.
Transparent tubes, valves, heat plates.
variable dimensions.

site specific project for Centro Cultural San Martín. Arte en Progresión. 2004.

about the installation:

With its momentary rhythms and stillness, with its contrasts of movements, directions and color, Phase Changes invades the space-ladder of Room One at San Martín Cultural Center, generating a techno-artistic symphony, almost a living organism in the heart of the city of Buenos Aires.
Its author, Mariano Sardón, is a physicist and artist who is characterized by creating systems that are altering the state of things.
Colored liquids become achromatic vapors. Sardón draws parables in space and surroundings. With this work, created especially for Art in Progress, it makes visible the conflict between lightness and gravity, between a space that contains and another that spreads in gasses and games of interaction.
The set is painting, sculpture, installation, conceptual art and multimedia composition, conglomerate of light, color and the techno sound of bits.
The architecture vibrates by the geometry of the curves drawn by a utilitarian object and the pictoricity of the dyed water.
The layout is a symbolic network, forms that are filtered and filtered by crises and functions to overcome them. A compliment to art invading life, in the action of a creator transformed into a new alchemist and demiurge.

by Graciela Taquini and Rodrigo Alonso, Curators.