mariano sardón

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The former Hotel of Immigrants functioned in Buenos Aires between 1888 and 1911 as a space to house persons from all over the world for a few days.
The Hotel of Immigrants is testimony of the border openness to people from all over the world.
These days it is common to see extreme situations of movement of people, crowded and closed borders, inhumane situations of movement in boats and containers with hard policies that try to "locate" the foreigner within a specific scheme that does not alter the identity or characteristics of the countries.

A container is raised and suspended in the third floor window of the former Hotel of Immigrants, now the Contemporary Art Center of the National University of Tres de Febrero. From inside the museum and through the window, you can see a projection into the container of a sequence of video portraits of immigrants standing in front of the camera. The portraits belong to immigrants who carry out their residence procedures in Argentina on the ground floor of the same building where the Immigration offices still operate.

by Mariano Sardón.

Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero Museum (Former Immigrants' Hotel)
Bienal Sur 2017.