mariano sardón

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Daily human life, as well as nature, have been represented in a more abstract way each time, flowing towards a paradigm where the perception of the living world and mathematics are highly related through the digital interfaces.
The digital world is represented in indivisible and equal units; the separation between the world felt by us and its representation in terms of numbers and geometries, come from a long time ago. However, as information technology spreads more the degree of abstraction already began with the geometrization of the world.
The nature perceived by the senses, or experienced, is “modeled” thought as variable or parameter in a more including scheme that explains and rules. Moreover the questioning of what is perceived seems to be located far away from the modeling, it escapes from it and in virtue to this strangeness it is being established an hermeneutic game from the phenomenon among us. This is the place of the mystic.

“Controlled Environment” is an installation where it reproduces a slow rain of drops that fall over hot metal plates, evaporating them instantaneously. The water flows into a closed circuit though transparent tubes; a group of electronic sensors detect the falling of the drops emitting a tiny bright signal each time that the drops pass in front of them, producing a bit of logical information shot by an integrated circuit.
The installation spreads out a visual and sonorous geometry in space where the rain comes from parabolas, the falling of drops are straight lines and ephemeral. The time is a sequence of sounds of evaporation.
It establishes a system of connections and relations of perceptive phenomena, organics and continuous transformation into “data” pulses of voltage by means of an electronic chip. Sequences of logical 1´s and 0´s, spectrum of discrete signals that “inform” and “represent” through bits what happens.
In this way it is set against the extreme representation of the digital world, breaking it in basic units undistinguishable and equal, to the perceived world as continuous to the senses.

"Controlled Environment".
by: Mariano Sardón.
Transparent tubes, valvles, electronic circuits, heat plates.
variable dimensions.

Project ArtGentina Art Basel Miami Beach. 2003-2004.
Estudio Abierto Harrods. 2003.
Arguibel Gallery. 2003.