mariano sardón

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"Diagnostica #4"

Several test tubes full of water were settled. Each of them drips over a hot plate that evaporates the drops that fall on them immediately. The drops are made up very slowly in each test tube so they produce a tension in the waiting time. After their falling they become ephemeral and ambiguous as vapor and they vanish in the air.
Since each dripping is aleatory it is not known which drop will fall first and what place and how long will last for the intervals of silences that happen between each sound of evaporation of dripping over hot plates is reevaluated.
It is a sound installation that make worth of attention each of the noiseless periods. When the rhythm of dropping is faster in each test tube the sounds of evaporation start to relate among each other, giving the way to searching for an order on sonority, inside the aleatory of all evaporations.

"Diagnostica #4"
3rd biennial of the critic. Museo de Bellas Artes "Castagnino", Rosario City, Argentine, 2000.