mariano sardón

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"Diagnostica #7"

by Mariano Sardón in collaboration with Laurence Bender.

"Diagnostica #7" links a phenomenal, physical environment with a virtual space, to produce a dynamic of temporal changes in a text.
The space of phenomena is made up of a dozen test tubes loaded with water that let drops fall on hot plates located on the ground and which evaporates instantly. The drops fall from different heights, between 2 up to 6 meters.
The result is a random pattern of sounds of evaporation that develops over time.
The evaporation of each drop is a piece of data read by a computer through a series of sensors, in this way, each physical phenomenon of evaporation plus a software with different action criteria produce alterations in a text that is projected on a large screen or on parts of the walls of space.

The text looks disrupted, degraded, mutated in its form randomly. It has its own dynamics of temporal evolution. So, it's happening through successive states of order and meaning, to chaotic and illegible states; but with enough time it will tend to disorder and its dissipation. The final state of the evolution of the projected text is unknown.
The text goes from the beginning to the end through a path of transformations that, seen as processes, depend on the pattern that produces the fall of drops in the test tubes and the configuration that is given to the software.

Teatro del Sur, Buenos Aires. 2001
"Buenos Aires Digital", San Martín Cultural Center 2001.