mariano sardón

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160 people looked at my portrait for 8 seconds. An eye tracker device captured the eye positions moving on my face image. The positions of the eyes and their pupil diameters were stored. and then The information was mapped to my portrait once again and two different video sequences were generated.
One of the videos displays my face image which is incouvered by pupil diameter circles. Those circles correspond to the eyes of all the persons at the same time. The other video shows that part of my portrait image neglected by people's sights.

"160 Gazes on me".
Digital video, screens, electronics, polarizers, chemical stands, clamp/holders, table. 44 x 26 x 77 in. aprox. 2012.
by: Mariano Sardón.

"Morphologies of Gazes" Exhbition.
Ruth Benzacar Gallery. 2012.