mariano sardón

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Electronic technology is all around us, energy that runs through cables, information transmitted by nets that connect countless computers and all sorts of telecommunications systems.
On a daily basis we navigate vast and boundless webs as we stay communicated to many people around the globe. In the particularity of the spaces we dwell in an immeasurable amount of events take place simultaneously; time and space unfold into intangible phenomena that both bind and elude us.

Hidden Traces is a data visualization work materializes the information flow and the electronic events that develop daily in public architectural spaces.
Nowadays, in offices, schools, airports, and museums different technologies are combined to support various sorts of electronic activity. The information flows through the wiring of a building as through the nervous system of a living organism.
Hidden Traces aims at displaying the virtual architectures that are articulated in these real spaces and constantly updated in the interaction with the inhabitants of the place: Hidden Traces allows us to redefine the relations between architecture, man and the significance of the place. The space may be continuously redefined by those who inhabit it, its meaning will be built through this interaction.
By means of ephemeral connections using digital and analogical technologies, I reveal the inapprehensible as a whole, in perpetual change and the most complex and unpredictable phenomena.

"Hidden Traces".
by: Mariano Sardón.
Computer activity data visualization in social spaces.
projection in real time. Variable Dimensions.

Gebert Contemporary Art Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico. 2008.
OSDE Foundation Space. 2008 - 2009.