mariano sardón

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"The House of Portraits" is a video installation where face expressions of emotions are exhibited in slow-motion video sequences.
Inspired by the evidence there would be a series of fast micro-gestures (milliseconds long) performed by a face during the expression of an emotion; we aim to search for those micro-gestures by means of recording gesticulations of faces with a high-speed camera.
We filmed what are considered human universal emotions like anger, happiness, fear, surprise, disgust among others, evoking portraits like medical or scientific records.
When spectators come in The House of Portraits, they watch something particular in video portraits: they look them like still photo images, nevertheless they move very slowly generating a strangeness in time.
Micro-gestures have a very important role in interpersonal communication, and the films reveal the very complex mechanics of the muscles of the face when we communicate emotions.
“The House of Portraits” develops a kind of story of a gesture,.. a long emotion story.

“The House of Portraits".
by Mariano Sardón & Mariano Sigman.

Exhibited at Andreani Foundation, Buenos Aires. 2020 - 2021

General Coordination:
Germán Ito.

Cecilia Cisneros
Lucia Carvallo

Lautaro Sardelli
Cecilia Cisneros
Lucia Carvallo

looped full HD res. videos. 40 minutes long.