mariano sardón

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"… I can still decipher some colors, I can still decipher green and blue. There is a color that has not been unfaithful to me, the color yellow. .." ..... Jorge Luis Borges.

These video works show around 400 movements of pupils of the eyes of people watching videos of nature landscapes simultaneously.
Hundreds of observers were invited to watch video footage of nature in front of a screen while light, color and size of the pupils of their eyes were captured by an eye tracker device. The video footage shown to people was slightly out of focus.
The work shows the superposition of the movements of the eyes perceiving the light and the color of the parts of the scenes where the eyes stop for a while.
I want to capture the luminosity and color printed in the retina.
As if it were a techno-impressionist process, I intend to engage the viewer with the very own experience of perception of light, color and gesture of the eyes shaping to the world.

“Intuited Landscapes Series".
by Mariano Sardón.

Techonlogical collabortaion:
Germán Ito

2020 - ...