mariano sardón

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“The paper of the infinitesimal” is an installation that projects demonstrations of mathematical theorems about the theory of numbers and the infinite.
Two parallel rails settled above and below of a 5-meter-long paper allow the sliding of two projectors that come and go projecting logical-mathematical demonstrations.
The superior contains the symbolic part of the theorems (numbers, mathematical and logical symbols); the lower one contains the textual part of the proofs of the theorems (arguments, reasoning, developments and conclusions).
At times the projections are synchronized and the text of both projections coincides generating a reasonable sequence with sense.
Although both rails are constructed exactly the same, in the least constructive errors of the work, the physics of the mechanical devices, the speed of computation and so many imponderables variables, the projectors will out of phase and the order yields to the chaos of the sense.
Imponderables and infinitesimals are responsible for the chaos and sense alternation of meaning that the work exhibits.

The Paper of the Infinitesimal.
by: Mariano Sardón.
variable dimensions.

"Extranjerias" Exhibition, Telefónica de Argentina Foundation. 2009.
Embassy of Brazil Cultural Center. 2009.

Technological Collaboration:
Germán Ito - Gerardo Della Vecchia.