mariano sardón

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Partita series of works want to manifest the hidden intentions in each word, to capture what it has not been said from each word and from each simple statement; a cross through enunciation and speech.
The work takes the word as a physical act that develops in time and space and which consider it as a movement, like a succession of present acts, a sonorous substance, a physical voice, a mobile unit between the being and the concept which it designates.

The installation consists of the projection of two videos on two giant screens that are placed opposite to each other so that the spectators can walk around them in a darkened room.
The projections are in black and white, soundless in close up shots.
We can watch a man's mouth on one side and on the other side a woman's mouth. Both of them are performing the same dialogue and the gestures from their moths appear in a different temporal frequency. As a result, both mouths will be in synchrony for some instants.

For Partita several persons were selected to perform a monologue facing a camera. In some cases, The monologue was based upon predetermined texts. Next, the text was in a way, crumpled and the words, which built the corpus, became fragmented in order to reach a total dissemination of the monologue. Secondly, it was selected moments, it was pointed up some instants where the body and mouth tightened up. These tensions were grasped completely at the previous moment of an utterance. It was in the interstices of the monologue where "a want to mean" developed itself and the word was the possible physical result from this inner present. Consequently, we have a slow sequence of the tension in the gestures that came immediately after each utterance, the noiseless internal between them, the noise in the hollow space where the physical voice flows. Finally it is faced a man and a woman's gestual sequence in order to manifest a dialogue between two silences. These noiseless intervals go from synchrony to discordance, perhaps a metaphor of the dialogue. These states of communication become evident because of the difference in rhythms of gestures.

All in all Partita is an installation made of two grants screens that are placed opposite to each other, where the sequence of gestures from two different persons with a different rhythm are projected.
The spectators can walk around these translucent screens which are placed in a darkened room. Both these screens and the audience develop the same monologue, their noiseless intervals go through variable stages; they answer, they overpass, and they disconcert themselves owing to their own rhythm.

Partita was shown at:
Primer Mostra de Ars Visuals i Sonor, Convent de Sant Agusti, Barcelona, España.1999.
Panoramix 1, Fundación PROA, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2000.