mariano sardón

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Peristalsis is a series of three installations built for communication traffic visualization.
For each telephone call made in an area, a bubble is introduced into colored water flow moving throughout long transparent hoses in real time.

This was made in three different locations. Plaza Baquedano in Santiago de Chile, Plaza del Zócalo in México City and Recoleta Quartier in Buenos Aires.
Each call allows introduce an amount of air into the water flux by means the opening of a valve. Peristaltic pumps move the liquid into the tubes conforming closed circuits. Part of the circuits of hoses reveals the incoming callings to the area, and other circuits show the area outgoing callings.
According the volume of callings made by people at the region rise, the amount of bubbles moving into the tubes also grows.


"7 miles of persitalsis" at "Viariations about the Invisible" Exhibition.
Telefónica Foundation. Santiago de Chile. 2011.

Staging / Team / Traffic Visualizations

"5 miles of persitalsis" at "Dynamic (In)Position" Ars Electronica Exhibition.
Spanish Cultural Center. México DF. 2010.

Artist Interview / Staging / Sketches / Traffic Visualizations

"5 miles of persitalsis" at "Telefonias" Exhibition.
Telefónica Foundation. Buenos Aires. 2008.

About the Exhibition / Curator interview / Artist Interview / About Data processing / Text by Rodrigo Alonso / Text by Alejandro Picitelli / Texto by Mariano Sardón and Victoria Messi / Telecom Office /
Data Center CRESTA / Traffic Visualizations / Staging / Team