mariano sardón

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A sort of “Scientific Happening” settled during TEDx Rio de la Plata 2014 at the Museo de la Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero Arte y Ciencia (Muntref Arte – Ciencia) in Tecnópolis Park.
Participants were invited to experience different situations where they could play with their portraits and the way we explore the gaze constitution.

See the TEDx Rio de la Plata, "A brief Essay for One Eye Itinerary " by Mariano Sardón.


See also the TEDx Puerto Madero talk "La Mirada de los Otros" by Mariano Sardón and Mariano Sigman.

- The first stage was the photograph set: People donate their portraits to be tracked by other participants.

- An eyetracker device allows people to see the way they recognize a portrait in real time.