mariano sardón

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Inspired in a full-scale airplane turbine air inlet ring, the structure exhibits the skeleton of aerodynamic and organic shapes modelled by the air.
The 14 ft. (4,25 meter) high ring is separated from the wall by the same distance as the jet engine exhaust. On the wall, a visualization of airflow and tidal data around the planet is projected in the form of dim light.
The installation proposes to reflect about the invisible and formless, which, like the air, is equally manifested in a concrete, material and present way.

by Mariano Sardón.

Exhibited at Ruth Benzacar Gallery, Buenos Aires. 2021

Project coordinator:
Germán Ito.

Patricio Martin Alanis
Nicolás Miguez
Luján Muñoz Galaz
Lautaro Sardelli

Supported by:
Participación Cultural - Mecenazgo - Ministerio de Cultura GCBA.