mariano sardón

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The complete experimental setup was installed at "Total Recall", Ars Electronica Festival 2013 in Linz, Austria.

The Table of Gazes is a table with several screens in which visitors can see how their portrait images were built in time by the gazes of many other visitors added.
Such a gazes were captured by an eyetracker device with the participation of people during Ars Electronica Festival. Participants were sat in front of a portrait image displayed in front of them and the eyetracker device recorded the movement of their eyes. According the people participated in the experiment, their gazes were stored and then visualized later on screens atop of the table.
Tisch der Blicke aims to engage people with those parts of the face that are really seen and those parts that remains "unseen" while attention is focused elsewhere on the portrait.

People could participate allowing to take a portrait picture of them in a photo setup.
Then an eyetracker device allowed to see the places of the images where people fix their eyes as well as the movements of the eyes around the image portraits.

Circles are fixation points (places where the eyes pick information of the image).
The lines are the movements of the eyes from one fixation point to another. This movement is called "saccades". No information is retrieved by the brain during those movements.

What do we really see of a portrait image ?


Mapping paths of the movements of the eyes belonging to 5 people