mariano sardón

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Dynamics of the work:

The experience has a temporal and spatial development. When the people enter the installation space, their position triggers the projection of characters and words from texts randomly; as well as sounds and images of tension and breaking of materials depending on the area is found. .
The texts are a selection belonging to the Argentine writer Jorge Luis. Borges and French writer Philippe Sollers.
If someone stops anywhere in space, the characters and words that he put together with his walk begin to fade into the dark of the screen. If you stop long enough, the text, map armed, he will hide again.
There is a thin strip, in which if you transits along she can trigger a text in order and read it linearly.
Every time the sequence of projections is activated, the text scattered on the screen is erased and another sequence begins different.
When the person leaves the region that the work occupies, the text is slowly fading away. If someone enters immediately afterwards, will produce other writing patterns on those already established by the person former.
The work admits the presence of many people at the same time. With their movements, develop the text; also break it and put it together successively.
By means of the projection of random characters and words, I look for the break of meaning of the text, in its grammatical order. The words suspended in the darkness of the plane can unfold its symbolic dimension.
I seek to suspend the driving order of the linearity of the text, a revalidation of the space that surrounds the white of the leaf, the darkness of the plane in space.

Brief outline of operation:

This installation is carried out through systems that interact successively with each other.
The positioning system is a Martin equipment Lighting Director (MLD) that fixes the coordinates of the position of people in space by ultrasound. This data is read by software from a PC that it is programmed with the conditions placed on the space and time of evolution of the work. In this instance, algorithms decide what to do with the person's trajectory at that moment. Based on this data, video, sound, characters, words, are activated.
The display of the text is not infinite as one might think, the various texts that make up the map that the people develop, have a limited number of words and characters. Yeah well their combinatorics is a sidereal figure, this number of permutations is limited.

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