mariano sardón

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In this proposal, I seek a perception of the relationship between the movements of the person in space and the characters of the text in direct way.
I worked with a mathematical transformation of the real space where people move, and the activated space on the screen through the coordinates provided by the MLD tracking system. When someone moves in real space, their trajectory is also copied on the projection screen, generating trails of characters where he or she passes.
The characters of the text will always follow the person's path. They will copy all of his/her movements on the screens where the images are projected.
When a person approaches the screen, the trails of characters will move closer to it, while if it moves away, the letters will tend to go away from the screen. If it is projected on the ground the letters will be under your feet following the person's steps.
Now, the letter trajectories have their own dynamics; in this case, the algorithm begins to replace the letters by words of the text at the same time the characters disappear. So what results, it is a kind of development of the text that dominates moments and then dies. Depending on the parameters of the algorithm this dynamics can be varied.

.pdf detailed version in spanish